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Commentaries by Florian Hempel

now▼▼ Thursday 9th Feb 2023 ▼
09/02/2023 17:25Nathan Aspinall v Gerwyn PricePremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 16:50Gerwyn Price v Michael van GerwenPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 16:20Michael Smith v Nathan AspinallPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 15:45Michael van Gerwen v Dimitri Van den BerghPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 15:15Gerwyn Price v Chris DobeyPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 14:45Nathan Aspinall v Peter WrightPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
09/02/2023 14:20Michael Smith v Jonny ClaytonPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
now▼▼ Friday 30th Dec 2022 ▼
30/12/2022 16:40Luke Humphries v Stephen BuntingPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
30/12/2022 15:25Michael van Gerwen v Dirk van DuijvenbodePDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
30/12/2022 14:10Rob Cross v Chris DobeyPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
30/12/2022 10:15Michael Smith v Joe CullenPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
30/12/2022 08:50Gabriel Clemens v Alan SoutarPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
30/12/2022 07:45Kim Huybrechts v Dimitri Van den BerghPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
now▼▼ Thursday 29th Dec 2022 ▼
29/12/2022 17:00Jonny Clayton v Josh RockPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
29/12/2022 15:40Gerwyn Price v José de SousaPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
29/12/2022 14:20Luke Humphries v Vincent van der VoortPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
29/12/2022 10:40Dave Chisnall v Stephen BuntingPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
29/12/2022 09:35Rob Cross v Mervyn KingPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN (GER), DAZN 1 (GER)RHJR
29/12/2022 07:45Dirk van Duijvenbode v Ross SmithPDC World Darts ChampionshipDAZN 1 (GER), DAZN (GER)RHJR
now▼▼ Thursday 27th Oct 2022 ▼
27/10/2022 16:30Damon Heta v Vincent van der VoortEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 16:00Michael Smith v Karel SedláčekEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 15:30Nathan Aspinall v Josh RockEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 15:00Luke Humphries v Krzysztof RatajskiEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 14:30Rob Cross v James WadeEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 14:00Danny Noppert v Andrew GildingEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 13:30Ryan Searle v Martin LukemanEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
27/10/2022 13:00Dirk van Duijvenbode v Madars RazmaEuropean Championship (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
now▼▼ Thursday 28th Apr 2022 ▼
28/04/2022 17:15James Wade v Jonny ClaytonPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 16:40Michael Smith v Jonny ClaytonPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 16:10James Wade v Gerwyn PricePremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 15:40Jonny Clayton v Peter WrightPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 15:10Michael Smith v Gary AndersonPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 14:40Gerwyn Price v Joe CullenPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
28/04/2022 14:10James Wade v Michael van GerwenPremier League (PDC)DAZN (GER)rockvii
now▼▼ Sunday 30th Jan 2022 ▼
30/01/2022 16:15Dave Chisnall v Joe CullenThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 15:15José de Sousa v Joe CullenThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 14:10Jonny Clayton v Dave ChisnallThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 10:15Michael van Gerwen v Joe CullenThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 09:25Simon Whitlock v José de SousaThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 08:35Gerwyn Price v Jonny ClaytonThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
30/01/2022 07:45Dave Chisnall v Michael SmithThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
now▼▼ Saturday 29th Jan 2022 ▼
29/01/2022 17:20Michael van Gerwen v Luke HumphriesThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 16:10Peter Wright v Simon WhitlockThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 15:15Gerwyn Price v Ryan SearleThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 14:10Jonny Clayton v Dimitri Van den BerghThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 10:20James Wade v Dave ChisnallThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 09:30Michael Smith v Krzysztof RatajskiThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 09:00Gary Anderson v Joe CullenThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
29/01/2022 07:45José de Sousa v Rob CrossThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
now▼▼ Friday 28th Jan 2022 ▼
28/01/2022 17:40Devon Petersen v Luke HumphriesThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 17:15Dirk van Duijvenbode v Simon WhitlockThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 16:45Joe Cullen v Daryl GurneyThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 16:20Dimitri Van den Bergh v Ian WhiteThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 15:45Rob Cross v Brendan DolanThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 15:20Ryan Searle v Mervyn KingThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 14:50Dave Chisnall v Stephen BuntingThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
28/01/2022 14:00Krzysztof Ratajski v Gabriel ClemensThe Masters (PDC)DAZN (GER)r96
All times are EDT. The current time is 00:11.
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